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IQS Directory helps companies get qualified buyers and specific request for quotes through internet marketing. Our system utilizes industry specific keywords and a patented preview and RFQ feature to enhance our results from a user perspective; we do this to ensure we are sending qualified activity to our clients’ webpages. We are more than just a directory, we prefer the term “search engine aggregator”.


We are constantly monitoring keywords and their conversions. We target these keywords for optimization and Pay Per Click to make sure our websites have high visibility with the major search engines. 盛世金源国际商贸城 is defined by hundreds of related keywords with high visibility on the major search engines for these industrial terms drives engineer and buyers who are ready to buy or specify from the IQS database of companies. 北京天璞盛世国际拍卖有限公司 provides a verified and qualified list of companies with a rollover feature displaying their website home page with their products and capabilities. Our patented request for quote form is submitted by our users with details of their request with attachments.


We introduce prospects to your site who are ready to buy so that you see the results on your bottom line. With our patented preview ad system and 50 word company descriptions, users can gain useful knowledge of where they are going before they get there. This ensures users from our site will be knowledgeable about your company and more likely to buy.

IQS® will put your company in top consideration when specifiers are using the internet looking to buy. Request for Quote, Email, Preview Ads, Extensive Description of your company and multiple links to your website will give specifiers quick and easy access to your product offering through your web presence on Industrial Quick Search®.


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